Company History Of Our Roofing Expertise

CDAR Charlotte NC Roofing Company has installed thousands of roofs, both big and small, for some of the largest companies in the Southeast. Over the last several years the commercial roofing industry has seen significant changes, and Ramirez Roofing has lived through it all. Having proven to have the ability to adapt to the needs that Customers, General Contractors, Government, and the Roofing Industry demands. CDAR Roofing Company continues to grow because it understands that ours is an ever-changing business that requires learning the latest technology and roofing systems, and because of our willingness to change and learn from our experiences.
Mission Statement
CDAR Roofing is committed to being the leader in the Flat Roofing industry; to be recognized as the installer of choice because of its high standards in Safety, Quality, and Work Ethic. To ensure that every job is completed on time and within the designated allocated budget.

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Through the use of high-quality materials, engineered for integrity and longevity, achieve outstanding results for our clients. To provide superior service to customers through cooperatively working to sell at a profit, produce and install an outstanding roofing system; and to demonstrate pride, integrity, honesty, and professionalism in all areas of work.

Message to General Roofing Contractors
If you are looking for a Commercial Roofing Subcontractor that can help you fulfill your commitment to your clients…