Denver Roofing

This page showcases a few of the most popular roofing companies in Denver, Colorado. If you have a favorite roofer you would like to talk about, just let us know.

Denver Roofing is a terrific Colorado roof contractor that specializes in shallow-sloped industrial and commercial buildings. They can perform repairs, replacements or enter into maintenance contracts.

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Quality Roofing Company is a Denver-based roofer that works the entire metro area. They do a lot of work with new construction projects, but they also do a lot of repair jobs on asphalt shingles, wood shakes, slate, tile and metal roofing, skylights, chimneys, flashing, missing shingles, toe-board holes and storm damage.

Tiley Roofing does a lot of projects involving the installation and repairing slate, tile and metal roofing products in the Denver suburbs and the nearby mountain towns. They perform repairs, re-roofing, historical renovations, new gutters, sheet metal fabrication and new construction jobs.

Often times, it’s hard to know if the home exteriors contractor you are dealing with will still be in business five years from now in case you run into problems at that time. The length of time a roofing company has been in business is a big factor we took into account when we selected this local company as our roofer of the year.”

Because just one roofer could be chosen for this award, Hanson continued that it was a difficult process to narrow the selection down to the one final winner. “Even though the construction industry has seen a major contraction over the past five years,” Hanson noted, “It was tough choosing just one company for this award, but we feel that CDAR is certainly deserving of this recognition.”